Dynamic table

You can create tables as reports, using Bar Charts presentations. The table is created using a bar chart with text columns. Below is an example of what the end result might look like.

How to create a dynamic table?

Shortcut from panel

In Actions ribbon you will find a panel with shortcuts which create dynamic table with latest 12 observations. Mark all series which you want to use and select one of the options:

Build it

  1. Add the series to Series list.
  2. Use analysis (i.e., Scalar) to define the calculations or values you’re interested in.
  3. Add a Bar chart as Presentation, open Graph layout (Ctrl+L).
  4. Add Text-columns displaying values and text. Each column is a separate 'Text'.
  5. Drag the output series under the desired column.

How to copy a dynamic table?

To copy such table right-click on it and select Copy Special. You can find more information about it under How to copy a chart to Office document?.


Bar chart as (dynamic) table

In this example, we calculated Rate of change and then constructed table with text columns.