Radial bar chart


There is no dedicated chart type but with formulas and Cross sampling you can create one with Category Scatter chart.

How to create a Radial bar chart?

  1. Prepare series.
  2. Prepare position's values - in Formula analysis use a hundred series of each of below formulas (note that bolded parts will change in each formula, see the file in Examples for how to pair those values or just copy them from there):
    • FlagForecast(Cos(25*Pi()/50), fx:s1<=((1/100)*100))
    • FlagForecast(Sin(25*Pi()/50), fx:s1<=((1/100)*100))
    • and add these at the end of each batch a full original series i.e.; fx:s1.
    • We recommend to rename first and last series of hundred's as "series 1,Start" till "series 1, end" and "series 1a,Start" till "series 1a, end" etc.
  3. Add Cross sampling with one 'Calculations: Last'. Create group for each series with:
    • first column with "series 1,Start" till "series 1, end",
    • second column with "series 1a,Start" till "series 1a, end",
    • for third column, mark main series for the group and use 'Add selected series as new single series column'.
    • We recommend to rename columns to X, Y, V.
  4. Add Arithmetic analysis to create a distance between each circle. Multiply them by 0.9, 0.8, 0.7, etc.. We do not recommend to use value equal or above 1.
  5. Add Category Scatter chart. Open Graph layout (Ctrl+L), leave/create pairs from X and Y series.
  6. Graphic style
    • Turn off labels - click on each line, under Presentation properties > Content un-check 'Show value labels'. Use Chart (upper menu) > Select to pick series. Instead use Observation labels or Legend labels.
    • Change line's style - click on each line, go to Presentation properties > Appearance > Graph style: Custom, set Line width.
    • Disable forecast - click on each line, go to Presentation properties > Appearance > Graph style: Custom, Forecast > Line and select 'None'.
    • Scale adjusting:
      • under Presentation properties > Appearance > Tick position select 'None',
      • un-check Presentation properties > Appearance > Show labels, to hide numbers.
    • To turn off borders go to Presentation properties > Border > Width, select 'None'.
    • To turn off grid line, click on one and un-check box under Presentation properties > Appearance > Show grid line.
  7. Chart size - to avoid stretching the chart use Chart view size.


Radial 'A Countries'

We have chosen five countries and presented their current Human Development Index position as a radial bar chart.

Economic indicators

In this example we have calculated percentile ranks relative to historic data for eight different USA's indicators.