How to copy a chart to a Microsoft Office document?


Right-click on your chart and choose 'Copy.'

Open the Office document and paste the chart. This will copy chart as an object with metadata. This means it can be later refreshed and edited in Macrobond. 'Copy' will create an object which will be a separate entity from the original file.

Copy special

Here you can choose which option of copying you want to use. For example, 'Metafile and Macrobond Document object' will copy chart as a refreshable image. If you want to copy an image, select 'Bitmap' or 'SVG.'

Copy special linked

By default, charts are exported as a copy of the original Macrobond document. If you want to keep connection between original file and copied chart save that file somewhere and then you will be able to enable 'Copy as a link to the document instead of embedding a copy' option.

This can be useful when you want to copy the same chart in multiple presentations or reports, that way the changes you make in the original file will be applied to all the copied charts at once.

Remember that your linked copies rely on the name and location of the original document staying the same. Moving, deleting or renaming the original Macrobond document will mean that you have to recreate links to your copied charts.

Copy special favorites

Under Copy special you can save your preferred saving settings. Then on chart, after right-click, you will see Copy special favorites list where you can quickly select that setting.

Saved favorites for linked charts will show up only if the file is saved somewhere.

Other functions


You can paste a chart with Ctrl+V or by right-click and selecting Paste Special.


There are two ways to edit your charts:

  • double-click on the pasted chart you have
  • right-click on a chart and select Macrobond document Object > Open

Chart will open in Macrobond. Once you’re done with your changes, you can close the Macrobond document.

Editing linked charts

When you open linked chart, you will see in Macrobond new tab (for example) Link in Book1 in Microsoft Excel. You can change here a number things but to edit a chart you need to click Open document.

For linked charts you can also do this without having to open any of the presentations or reports the charts have been used in. Simply go to the file location in the application. Any changes made to the original document will be applied to all the linked copies the next time you open them and click on Refresh.


There are two ways to refresh your charts:

  • select Refresh button from Macrobond ribbon (this will refresh all charts)
  • right-click on a chart and select Macrobond document Object > Refresh (this will refresh only one chart)