The Macrobond Help site provides you with the additional information regarding the functionality of the Macrobond application. Its content is split by the main sections covering:

The documentation refers to the most recent version of the Macrobond application. We encourage you to use the latest version whenever possible. You can find more information here: https://www.macrobond.com/go/installation

Macrobond Learning Resources

This guide to learning the application is set up to mimic the way you work. Here you can find whatever you are looking at by simply referring to the sections that best reflect what you are trying to do.

The Macrobond chart library

Additionally, you might want to explore the Macrobond chart library. This is a set of Macrobond documents with charts and analyses that highlights features of the application. New content is added to the library every now and then.

help.macrobond - start page 2.2

You can access the Macrobond chart library in the application by selecting: File -> Open -> Macrobond chart library

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