The legend lists which series were used in a chart along with a legend key. You can edit the legend by clicking on it and adjusting the settings in the presentation properties tab, above the chart.


The settings are grouped in four boxes, each for different aspects of the legend. We’ll go through the settings for each box below.


Modify things like the background color, text color and font, as well as the following:

Layout mode

Decide how you want the text in the legend displayed: single or multiple columns, or a continuous line.


Set the position of the legend in the chart. This includes an option to freely place the legend anywhere within the chart.


Define how much space you want between the border of the chart and the legend.


Controls the distance between the element and the next element in the direction of the chart.


This setting controls the spacing between legend items.

Reversed order

Tick this to reverse the order the series are listed in the legend.

By default, the order of the series in the legend will reflect the order of the series in graph layout, and their placement in the chart, from front to back.


You can set the alignment of the legend or, if you have selected a floating legend, you can choose a horizontal or vertical fit for the legend text.


This group contains options for the layout of the border of the legend, such as: color, width and the setting rounded corners.


Hide the legend by unticking the Show legend option.

By default, the analysis text appears in brackets in the legend text. You can remove it, by unticking the Show analysis texts box.

You can choose to edit the automatically generated legend text and add your own text, or use the dynamic properties feature to specify which series attributes you want to use in the legend.

Editing the text in the legend

There are several ways to take on changing the text in the legend of a chart. You can modify the legend text for one series at a time, or you can edit the default legend to change all series' legend text at one time.

Edit one graph's legend

Double-click on the graph for which you'd like to modify the legend text.

Alternatively, you can click on the graph once and find the "Edit" button next to graph text under the Presentation properties tab.

Edit the default legend text

To edit all the series' legends at once, click on the legend. Under the Presentation properties tab, click the Edit button next to "Default legend text" in the Content group.

This is generally used together with dynamic properties, for instance if you want only to display the country of each series.

Reversing the order of the legend

Click on the Legend Area on the chart, then go to the Actions’ group. Under the Presentation properties tab, in Appearance box, locate the Reversed order box. Tick the setting to switch the order of the series in the legend.

Removing legend text

You have the option of hiding all legends texts associated with the chart or hiding the legend associated with a particular chart.

Hiding all legends texts

Start by clicking on the legend area. Go to the Presentation properties tab in the “Content” group, untick the checkbox “Show legend”.

To bring the legend back into your chart, click below the x-axis, go to the Presentation properties tab, in the “Charts elements” group, tick the “Show legend” checkbox.

Hiding a particular legend text

Click on the graph of the series for which you want to remove the legend text. Go to the Presentation properties tab, in the “Content” group set “Graph text” to “Hidden”.