Customizing your workspace

The workspace in analytics is divided into four different segments, the Series browser, the Analysis tree, Presentation area, and Command bar. You can adjust the size and/or visibility of these segments to suit your needs.

Maximize the presentation area

Use Ctrl+M or select the relevant option from the View menu.

To return to the normal size just use the short cut again or deselect the relevant option in the View menu.

Adjust segment sizes

The Series browser, Analysis tree, and Presentation area can be made wider. Drag the vertical margins separating them to the left or right.

The next time you open the application the sizing will be the same.

Hide segments

You’ll see pins on the top right corners of the Series browser and Analysis tree.

Click on the pin to dock the segment you want to hide to the left of the workspace.

Click the hidden segment to access its features. If you want to reattach the hidden segment to its initial position, click on the pin again. You can also use the view menu to hide these segments, as well as the command bar.