Saving documents

How to save?

You have two options for accessing the Save settings:

  1. Click on the 'Save current document' button in the tool bar
  2. Click on File in the menu bar and select Save as

Save settings

The Save document dialog is made of four main parts:

  1. List of directories
    View and select the available locations for saving. There are four main directories to choose from. Each of these has implications for how you access your documents and to whom you grant access to.

    • Personal account
      • Access is limited to you
      • Files are saved on Macrobond servers which means you can access them wherever you log in with your user credentials
    • Department account
      • Access is given to all Macrobond users in a department or team
      • Each user can only be assigned to one Department account
      • Files are saved on Macrobond servers
    • Company account
      • Access is given to all Macrobond users in the organization
      • Files are saved on Macrobond servers
    • My computer
      • Saved to your computer or network
      • Can be viewed in Macrobond by anyone who has access to the physical file
  2. File information & preview
    • Preview the files in a selected directory or folder
    • Set the display to a thumbnail or file name view
    • Use Search tab to locate specific documents
  3. Command buttons
    • Create and delete folders
    • Publish documents online
    • Update documents to reflect the latest data
  4. Name bar and confirmation buttons
    • Name the document
    • Select a local directory to save to (if not selecting one of the four listed above)
    • Confirm or abandon the action

Refreshing saved files

To update all charts in current folder, click on a lightning bolt icon.
You can stop the process in any moment.

Discontinued series

This symbol means the document contains a discontinued series. Open the document to delete or change the corresponding series.

Saving files outside of the application

When saving files outside of the application, there are two options you can use: predefined directories or local files. When we use the term 'directories', we mean the locations, like Personal account, Company account, or My computer, that you select in the Save document dialog, shown below. 

Options for saving locally 

Predefined directories 

Set up and save specific locations on your computer or local network as directories you can save to at a later point in time. The benefit of doing this is that you don’t have to define a path every time you save and can easily use the application to check where files are located instead of searching your computer. 

Save as > Local files  

You can also browse your computer or local network and find a location to save in at the time of saving. Find out more about this in Saving a document.

 Adding a new directory 

  1. Click on Edit in the menu bar and select Settings... from the bottom of the list. 
  2. Select the Document paths tab and click on Add. 
  3. Under Path properties, enter a name for the path, e.g.; 'Charts'.  
  4. Click on the ellipsis button to select location for the directory. 

Removing or editing your custom directories

  1. Select Settings from the Edit menu, and click on the Document paths tab  
  2. All the directories you have created will be displayed on the left, under Additional directories. 
  3. Simply select the one you want to edit or remove, and either edit its properties or click Remove. 

Changing the default location of the My Computer directory

By default, the My computer directory saves files to the Documents folder on your computer.
While you cannot delete this directory, you can edit its location to one of your choices. 

  1. In the Document paths tab of the Settings dialog box, deselect Default. 
  2. Enter or browse for a new location and press OK. 

How to share?

Company account and Department account are shared with your colleagues. Charts (and in-house series) saved in those directories are visible and can be edited by users with same level access. Just go to File > Open document, right-click on chart image, select Copy and send that link to another Macrobond user.

If you want to share charts outside of your department (or from your Personal account), and it has in-house data, please see here how to embed it: How to embed an in-house series in a document?


To publish Macrobond chart you can use one of the below: