Watchlist activity tab


This activity can be used to create a customized list of documents you want to monitor, to see when the data in them is updated or is scheduled to be updated. Create your list by adding Macrobond documents and selecting the series you want to keep track of. These items will then be displayed as a list - or agenda – sorted by the last change or next release.

You can define actions, such as notifications or execution of programs, when data is updated. All notifications from Watchlist can be monitored through Start tab page. Watchlist items for the corresponding releases are also shown in the Release tab activity.

You’re one click away from the related resources associated with each item, such as Macrobond documents, Excel, PowerPoint or Word files.

Fast start - Watchlist primer

The primer helps you to start populating your Watchlist, by adding documents we have prepared for some of the main indicators of major economies.

  1. Go to the Items tab.
  2. If you have not yet saved anything to that account, a link will appear to access the Watchlist primer. If the link does not appear you can access the Watchlist primer via the upper menu File > Watchlist primer.
  3. Choose the countries and variables you want to monitor.

Adding & creating Watchlist Items

You can also create your own Watchlist Items, using documents you or your colleagues have built. In upper menu click on the File > New watchlist item or use Ctrl+N to select a document.

When you do this new window will appear. In the Add document to Watchlist window, do the following:

  1. Select the account you want to save the item in.
  2. Choose a name for the item.
  3. Add comments if needed.
  4. Select which of the series you want to monitor for changes. 

You can edit any of this information in the future if needed.

Note: Watchlist Items stored under Department or Company accounts are visible to your colleagues that have access to these accounts. When creating the item, the application will check the following rule: 'if you save a file to a shared account, the original Macrobond document used to create the Item has to be stored in a shared account too, so that the other users are able to access the files.' If it is not the case, you won’t be able to create the Item - the 'OK' box will be greyed out.

Display additional information

When you click on a monitored item, you’ll see an up-to-date version of the chart you are monitoring. You’ll see the account name, comments, a shortcut to access the Macrobond document, as well as the related resources.

You can also see the list of the series in the document and which of them are being monitored.

Additional columns, such as COP %, can be added to this list by right clicking on one of the column headers and selecting a new column type from the list.

Related resources

When creating a Watchlist Item, you can also add Related resources which creates a shortcut to these resources in the Watchlist Item. This allows you to quickly access any document related to the item you are tracking, if, for example, you need to make changes after the data has been updated.
You can add Macrobond documents or any other file format, as well as URLs, or a node in the Macrobond database. You can add as many related resources as needed. These files can be accessed by the shortcuts under that heading.

Actions when updated

When you edit a Watchlist item, you have the option of setting actions to be taken when the monitored time series are updated. You can select to get notifications or execute a program or script on your computer.

View last changes and next releases

In the Overview tab you’ll see a list of items, sorted by Last change or Next release, based on the series you are monitoring on each document. Click on the header of each column to change the order.

Releases which are the closest to the current date are highlighted with bold text.

Organize series into folders

In the Items tab you can organize your Watchlist Items into folders. Create a folder and then drag and drop the item from the list.

Edit a Watchlist Item

To edit a Watchlist Item click on the pencil icon in the right upper corner:

In this window you can adjust existing items in your Watchlist.

  • Item name - change the name of the item. This name will be displayed in lists and alerts.
  • Underlying Document - substitute the current document for a new one, when, for example, the original has been deleted.
  • Alert when all monitored series are updated
    This time span determines the condition when this item is regarded as updated and is stored as part of this item. It will be regarded as updated when all monitored series in the document are updated within the specified number of days. The item will then be in an alerted state until the condition is no longer true. Alerted items will have a red flag in the list of items and can optionally be included on the Start page. The delay until the application detects an update is at most 6 minutes.
    If the time between updates for the selected series in a document is longer than the selected number of days you won't get an alert.

    • My actions - (available after checking the 'Alert' box) select one or more actions to be taken when this item is alerted. These settings are stored on your computer and not shared. The actions are only executed when the Macrobond application is running.
      Show in application: Show this item in the list on the Start page while it is alerted.
      Windows notification: Show a Windows notification when this item becomes alerted.
      Execute program: Select a program to execute when this item becomes alerted.
  • Comment field - update or change the comments for yourself or the colleagues you share the item with.
  • Monitored - change which series you want to monitor in this Watchlist Item.
  • Related documents - add new related files or edit / delete the existing files.

Use Watchlist Item in Presentation document

When you select one or more items in the Watchlist activity, under right-click you will see option to quickly create a presentation with the charts.

See Watchlist items in the Release activity

Watchlist Items are also displayed relative to the corresponding releases in the Releases activity. Click on it to open it in Watchlist.