Web Publish


The Web publish feature makes publishing charts a simple and quick process. The feature is designed to provide URL addresses for charts that you can post on blogs, social media, websites or a content management system (CMS).

Web publish can be accessed in the Analytics tab > File menu. Note you have to have opened saved chart.

This will open the following window where you can change several settings such as size, format and whether the chart should be static or dynamic. You can also add a comment to the chart.

Publishing types

Two types of images are available for publishing:

  • Static image of a chart – published image will be a snapshot of the chart, meaning the image won’t be updated when data is updated from the source.
  • Dynamic image of a chart – published image will be updated with the latest data from the source. This update will happen automatically.

Web publish tab

In the Web publish tab, you will find all charts added from the file menu.

Here, you can easily access and manage all charts ready for web publishing. You can view them in your preferred way:

  • Flat view – simple list of all charts,
  • Tree view – charts are grouped according to the account in which the original documents are stored.

You can also add charts from here by clicking on 'Publish document.'

After choosing which document to publish, you can copy the chart either as a HTML or a URL link. If you choose the latter, and the chart is dynamic, you can send the link as an email and the chart will be updated whenever the link is opened.

NOTE: The capacity for published images is limited. You can store up to 3 dynamic and 10 static documents per license. This limit can be increased as an add-on service.

Technical notes

  • You can modify the URL of dynamic publications in order to render the chart in a different size. For a URL that ends with …5f85f2c8e7e/chart.png you can change the URL to …5f85f2c8e7e/900x300/chart.png in order to get an image of size 900x300 pixels.
  • Published charts that have not been viewed by anyone for more than 2 years will automatically be removed.
  • Dynamic publications do not work with in-house data or data that comes from local data sources such as SQL servers or Bloomberg.