Publishing charts on LinkedIn

How to send a chart?

You can send charts that you’ve made in Macrobond directly from the application to LinkedIn. Here’s how:

  1. Start with the Macrobond document opened and the chart you want to publish selected in the analysis tree.
  2. Go to the File.
  3. Click Send to LinkedIn.

    The first time you use this feature you’ll be asked to log in to your LinkedIn account via the Macrobond application.
  4. In this window, select the chart size and compose the article.

    • You can create a default text or hashtag for your articles. Just type the text you’d like to save and click the save icon in the bottom left corner of the window.
  5. Click Send. You’ll get a notification from Macrobond that your article has been published.


The first time you will try to use this feature, you will be required to authorize the Macrobond Application to access your LinkedIn account.

After selecting File > Send to LinkedIn, two windows will pop up - a Macrobond prompt and a browser window leading to a log in page:

Revoking access

You can revoke the granted access at any time in the Apps section of your settings in LiknedIn.


Macrobond will not store your LinkedIn credentials, but an encrypted key received from LinkedIn that allows the application to send messages using your account. If you want to revoke the application’s access to your LinkedIn account, you can do so in your LinkedIn account settings. This key is stored encrypted locally on your PC and is not stored in the Macrobond cloud services.

As you can see LinkedIn grants the Macrobond applications access to more services than creating posts. This is because those rights comes together as one unit from LinkedIn and these are the rights we are given when asking permission to post.

The Macrobond application will use the option to post data when you select to do that in the application. The application uses the name and photo in the Send to LinkedIn dialog so that you should know what account you are using. We do not use those rights in any other way. We do not access your e-mail address, we will never like any posts on your behalf and only post when you have actively selected to do so.