Closing app (remember/forget files)


When you will close Macrobond application it will ask you what to do with open documents.

If there are documents with changes that have not been saved, you will see a list of those documents with some options next to them. You can select to save each document here, or to discard the changes if the document has previously been saved. The document will then return to the last saved state.
See here pre-1.26 version view


Close and remember

The list of open documents and their current state will be remembered and opened the next time the application is launched on this computer.

Close and forget

The application will not remember what documents that were open, and any changes made will be lost if not saved individually.

Always close and remember

This feature is available in Macrobond 1.26 and later.

The application when closed will always remember documents which were open. It will stop showing the window when closing.

You can turn this off under Edit > Settings > Advanced > Always close and remember my state.


If you do not want to see this window when you close without saving, you can adjust the settings by clicking Edit > Settings > Advanced > Enable auto recovery and saving of document state when closing.