Waterfall chart


With a little bit of arranging series you can show series as a Waterfall chart on a Category chart.

How to create a Waterfall chart?

  1. On Series list add series and same amount of '0' as series.
  2. Decide the order of the series on chart - when you want particular series to 'float', replace the '0' with a sum of series to create base, on which 'floating' series will stand. Each base is the sum of preceding series.
  3. Add Scalar analysis:
    • In Input panel arrange pairs of series in order '0 - series - <replacement for 0> - series.'
    • For Output series use 'Partition into: 2'.
  4. Add Category chart, select data set with 0's and turn its color into 0% opacity.


Waterfall chart

In this example we used transparent placeholder series to create waterfall effect.

Waterfall chart - around '50' with list

Here we used range graph type to create anchor point at value '50'.

Waterfall chart - stacked column and area

Here we combined placeholder method with anchors and created stacked columns/areas.