Lollipop chart


There is no dedicated chart type for Lollipop charts. However, with a little help of two additional analyses and graph types, you can create lollipops on Category chart.

How to create a Lollipop chart?

  1. Use Scalar to perform calculations. If needed, add Sorting analysis too.
  2. Add Cross section analysis and sum series, uncheck first 2 boxes ('Include only observations...' and 'Do not include series...') - this will be needed to create lollipop.
  3. Add Arithmetic analysis and subtract 'Sum series' from itself. It will create placeholder for 0.
  4. Add Category chart. Open Graph layout (Ctrl+L) and add:
    • 'Last data set' under Column graph type
    • three data sets ('Sum series' and two '-1y series') under Open-high-low-close. It will create lollipop's stick
    • '-1y data set' under Line graph type, turn it into dot marker.


Lollipop chart

In this example we calculated YoY and showed current values as columns and the one year ago values as lollipops.