Working with documents


To improve workflow, we introduced new tabs in one of the Analytics tab activity’s segments:

  • Open documents - a vertical view of all open documents, including a thumbnail.
  • Documents - alternative way to open documents instead of using the File > Open document dialog, with some extra features (i.e., preview, notifications of changes).

Using Open documents tab

In this tab you can manage documents on which you are working by:

  • selecting a document from the list instead of searching through all opened tabs
  • navigating through the list with keyboard arrows
  • copying hyperlinked path to the document*
  • opening folder where the document is located with right-click > Open containing folder*
  • closing document by using the X in the corner showed when the mouse is over or by right-click and selecting one of the options*, or by using mouse middle-button on document's tab.
  • closing ‘all documents’ or ‘all other documents’ through right-click and selecting one of the options*

*Also available when right-clicking on document’s tab.

Using Documents tab

This is an alternative way to open documents instead of using the File > Open document. It also integrates the list of Recently used documents that can also be found in the Start tab activity.

Switching between directories

By default, you see three directories – crumb bars – and can easily switch between them. You can switch between directories by:

  • using drop-down arrow
  • using the ‘tree button’ on the right of the bar
  • double-clicking on subfolders displayed below bars
  • using keys, deleting, and typing new directories

You can decrease/increase number of bars (up to 10). To do this click on cog icon (More settings) and change number of bars. From here you can also sort documents.

Preview document

When you select one of the documents (it works for Presentations too) it will open in document’s segment as a preview. The tab will be in orange color. If you click on another file, the content of the preview will be replaced.

To change document’s status from preview to permanent:

  • double click on the document in the Documents tab
  • click on the Open document symbol next to the X in the orange preview tab
  • make any changes in the document

Copy path

If you want to share location of the file with your colleagues, you can right-click on document’s tab and select Copy path. Now you can paste in a hyperlinked path to this directory.

Open containing folder

When you have opened file, you can right-click on its tab and select Open containing folder. It will open that folder in the Documents tab.

Notification of changes

There are two types of notifications.

Notification of opened document

You will get an immediate notification in the application if a document you have opened is modified. It will appear above the document and under Open documents tab. You can reload file or dismiss notification.

Notification of changes in subscribed folder

You can subscribe to notifications of document changes located in a folder. To do this, while in Documents tab, right-click on a folder, or a file in folder, and select Subscribe to folder. This will refer to documents in that folder and all sub folders.

In application you can receive those notifications only on the Start tab, but you can also choose to have them as Windows notifications. Since version 1.27 more options for showing Windows notifications are introduced.
See here pre-1.27 version view


To edit or cancel folder subscription right-click on a folder, or a file in folder, and select one of the options.

Notification is not working

This feature is available in Macrobond 1.27 and later.

There is a symbol in the status bar when the document event notification is not working. This can happen when our servers are blocked in a firewall. See the Deploying the Macrobond application for what is needed to be whitelisted.

Note you can click on the icon to bring up a dialog, and send the error message to our Support team.