Document labels

This feature is available in Macrobond 1.28 and later.


This feature is available in Macrobond 1.28 and later.

You can assign keywords to your documents and use them for searching through files or to get notifications about changes.

Use cases

Search through files

When you are in File > Open document window you can use labels for filtering documents.

Get notifications

When you use Notification to subscribe to a folder you can choose to be notified only for files with certain labels.

Labels in document

How to assign label to a document?

Document labels can be set directly in the document in a section below the Analysis tree. Type in keyword and press 'Enter'. Macrobond will try to suggest labels which you have used in the past.

Inside 'Save as...' window

It is also possible to add document labels while saving document. At the bottom of window there will be row named 'Document labels' where you can type in new labels. Row below contains 'Suggested labels', click on one to add it to Document labels.

How to delete label from a document?

Open document, hover over label and press X or edit line and press 'Backspace'.

Notifications for a document label

Subscribe to a folder with Notifications feature. In 'Create subscription' mark first option and type in label's name. Press 'Create'.

For other information about this feature see Document notifications.