Keyboard shortcuts

5Below you’ll find a list of useful keyboard shortcuts for navigating the Macrobond application. Some of them work only in specific sections of the application while others can be used regardless of where you are.

F1 Open link to Help website with materials about the feature/section you are working with
F3 Go to Search Activity (from anywhere in the application)
F4 Document properties
F5 Refresh
Alt+1 Switch to Start Activity
Alt+2 Switch to Browse Activity
Alt+3 Switch to Analytics Activity
Alt+4 Switch to Search Activity
Alt+5 Switch to Releases Activity
Alt+6 Switch to Watchlist Activity
Alt+7 Switch to Flexi tab Activity (depends on what is activated: My lists, My series, Style sheets, Web publish)
Alt+F4 Exit the application
Ctrl+N Open new (New object will be open, corresponding to the Activity you're in except Releases which open new document in Analytics).
Ctrl+O Open Document
Ctrl+S Save
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+W Close
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+Shift+C Copy special
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+E Edit Text
Ctrl+2 Duplicate
Ctrl+M Maximize presentation area
Ctrl+I Fixed chart size
Ctrl+L Graph layout
Ctrl+F Fill range
Ctrl+R Ruler
Ctrl+H Share image
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
Del Delete