Used in Document feature (the little blue square)

What that icon means?

If you see a small, blue, square icon to the left of a time series it means this series has been used in a document. Either a document you created yourself, or a document saved to an account you have access to.

What is this helpful for?

In one word, productivity.

Instead of creating a new document from scratch, you’ll be able to see if a series has already been used in a document. Use this document as is or duplicate it and make the necessary changes. Either way, you save yourself the time of doing work that has already been done.

The icon identifies which series have been used in documents before. It can also help you quickly locate relevant series when selecting from an extensive listing.

How do you access these documents?

Right click on the icon and hold your cursor over Used in, in the context menu. This will generate a drop-down list of the documents the series has been used in.
The following information is provided:

  • The account the document is saved in
  • The name of the folder
  • The title of the document

Where can I find this function?

  • All the activity tabs, except for Releases
  • Via the Excel add in, but only to view the list of documents

Note: You can only open documents from this list when working in the application.

In database listings, series that are used in one or more documents stored with your Macrobond account (Personal, Department or Company), will get a small blue square in the Notes column. You can then select the Used in item on the context menu to see where it is used. Select the menu item to open the corresponding document if you like.

You can use this option from any Activity giving you access to time series – Browse, Analytics and Search – except Releases. In Excel Add-in you can also see in which documents a given series is used, but you cannot open them (this can be done only directly from the Macrobond application).