Start – overview

The home page of the application

See here pre-1.28 version view


From Start tab you’ll have quick access to:

Left pane:

  • Recent documents - a list of your most recently used, or pinned documents.
  • Document changes - [Document changes, Watchlist alerts] - shows information when document in a subscribed folder was changed and alerts from Watchlist tab.
    For further reading on how to set these notifications see (Note that filters where added in version 1.28.):

  • Additional datasets - [My datasets, Available datasets] - We have integrated certain commercial data providers into the application. Here you can see what you have and what is available. (This feature is available in Macrobond 1.28 and later.)
    • Green: you have a full access to the datasets
    • Grey: you do not subscribe to this content yet
    • Green & Grey: you partially subscribe to the dataset listed

Right pane:

  • Blog, Chart of the week, News - a feed of the latest updates about new application features, articles and data; also posts from our blog and Chart of the week feature.
  • Help/Training materials -  in the right bottom corner you may find links to user guides and support options