Watchlist – overview

Keep track of when important documents and particular time series are scheduled for data updates

See the latest changes and next releases

Under Overview you can see a list of all the monitored documents, and sort it relative to the last change or next release.

Display additional information

Clicking on an item displays the document and allows you to access relevant information, such as who created the item, time series metadata, shortcuts for the Macrobond document, as well as related resources that you have defined.

Quick access to your related resources

Add links to related Macrobond documents or any external files that are relevant to the monitored item. For example, Excel, PowerPoint, or Word documents.

With all this information gathered in one place you’ll be one click away from running the necessary calculations or changing the comments in a cyclical presentation or report.

Items tab

Create folders for Watchlist items

Organize items into related groups to get an overview of all the documents you are watching and to facilitate the search and navigation between them.

For more information see: Watchlist.