Macrobond Viewer – introduction


The Macrobond Viewer is an application where users can view charts created by their colleagues, make stylistic changes to them, and share, export, or create presentations with selected charts.


The purpose of the Macrobond Viewer is to facilitate the work of distributing research done in the main Macrobond application. Viewer users have read-only access to research in the form of presentation documents and a chart library which they can view, share and present.

The following list summarizes what can be done with the Macrobond Viewer:

  • View presentation documents and charts created in the main Macrobond application, which are always updated with the latest data
  • Copy chart and paste to Office as embedded charts that can be updated
  • Export charts as PNG or SVG files
  • Make temporary stylistic changes to charts
  • Use Watchlist to track recent or scheduled data changes

Viewer Activities

The tabs along the left-hand side of the Viewer are called activities. In the following sections, we’ll go through each activity available in the Macrobond Viewer.


The Library activity is the core of the Macrobond Viewer. In this tab, you will see the Library directory on the left-hand side. Here, you’ll find all the documents which have been saved in the library folder by your colleagues who use the main Macrobond Application.

Clicking on a document will open it on the right-hand side. If there is more than one chart in the document, you can select which chart to view from the drop-down menu. Presentation documents will be opened in a separate window.

When a chart is opened, you will be able to make stylistic changes to the chart, such as applying style sheets, changing fonts, colors, line widths, ranges on the axes, and adding or removing annotations. Once the changes are made you can export, print, copy, e-mail, or send the chart directly to X (Twitter).


News items from Macrobond, such as data additions and blog posts, can be viewed in this activity.


In Watchlist, you’re able to monitor the last change and next release of data in selected documents.  You can create your own Watchlist items and save them to your personal account. You can also view your company’s watchlist items and open documents which your colleagues have added to the company watchlist.

Style sheets

In the Style Sheets activity, you can view the style sheets in your company’s account and apply them to your charts before exporting them. You can also create your own style sheets and save them to your personal account.

Accessing Documents

The access point for documents and charts in the Viewer is the Library account. You can open documents and charts that are saved in the Library directly in the Viewer. You can also open and view:

  • Macrobond document sent to you (as a link or email attachment), even if it's not saved in Library,
  • document in your company’s Watchlist, even if it's not saved in Library.

Note that you cannot view charts saved on Company or Department account. Files should be copied to Library account.

Technical requirements

The technical requirements for the Macrobond Viewer are the same as for the main Macrobond application. These are outlined here.

Note: It is not possible to have both the Macrobond Application and the Macrobond Viewer installed on the same computer at the same time. Keep in mind that a Macrobond Application account can be used for both the Application and the Viewer, but a Viewer account can only be used to log into the Viewer.

Installing the Macrobond Viewer

Macrobond Viewer has its own installation file. You can find it with all instructions here: Installation Viewer