Releases – overview

Track, view and calendarize scheduled data updates from sources

View past and coming scheduled releases

To narrow down the list of releases you can define the following parameters:

  • Regions
  • Time period
  • Data type
  • Source (in Filter tab)

Which series are updated?

By clicking on a release, you can view a list of the main series updated for that release. This is true for all past releases, as well as for upcoming key releases.

Working with series found in releases

To work with a series, select it from the list and use the command bar to choose from the available actions.

Filter tab

In the Filters tab you can select predefined filters, enabling you to display only certain Regions, Sources and Releases. They can be combined if needed, to further narrow down the displayed list of Releases.

Regions tab

In the Regions tab you can select certain Regions to narrow down the displayed list of Releases.

For more information see: In Releases activity tab.