Analytics – overview

Manipulate and present data using a range of analyses from the most fundamental to the advanced

With a workflow from left to right, Analytics is composed of three main elements:

The series and document browser

  • Select data to work with from any of the data sets in the application
  • Use the filtering and sorting options available to simplify your selection
  • Select documents to work with
  • Search through databases (available since version 1.28)

The analysis tree

  • Organize and view the calculations and presentations applied to the data in the document
  • Access the list of data that has been added to the document (Series list)
  • Apply one or a sequence of calculations to the data in the series list, seen below

The Presentation pane

  • Define and adjust how the manipulated data is displayed using the tools in the command bar

Working in Analytics

Watch below presentation for a hands-on example of:

  • Finding and adding data
  • Applying a simple analysis

For more information see: Analyzing data.