Bubbles on string chart


Bubble chart can be also modified for specific use, for example when you want to compare series showing values as weights.

How to create Bubbles on string chart?

  1. Add series on a List.
  2. Perform calculations and/or analyses.
  3. Add Formula analysis with values from 1 to x, where x is a number of your series in the list.
  4. Add Time chart, open Graph layout.
  5. Pair series - number-series with regular series - under Bubble graph type. First add number-series.

Other graphical elements

  • You can turn off Legend - click outside chart area and un-check box under Presentation properties > Chart elements > Legend.
  • To add labels on the right side - click inside chart area and under Presentation properties > Elements > Vertical axis value labels check box. Double-click on each label to edit it.
  • Click on y-axis and under Presentation properties > Appearance > Tick position set to None and uncheck 'Show labels'.
  • Click on y-axis and under uncheck Presentation properties > Appearance > Show labels.


Importance of weight

In this example we used bubbles to show change in importance of main US CPI weights.