Working with panes

How panes work?

In the Graph Layout options, you’ll find a button that allows you to add additional panes to a chart. Panes divide chart area into smaller units but with one legend.

Additional panes are useful for:

  • presenting multiple time series clearly, in a single chart
  • presenting time series on more than two different scales
  • presenting partly overlapping series in a clearer way

How to add a pane?

  1. Open the Graph layout dialog
  2. Click on the 'Add pane' button
  3. Drag-and-drop the time series, below the new pane section

There is no limit to the number of panes you can add. All panes, except the first one can be deleted.

Instead of adding panes one by one, you can select from various predefined layout in the Graph Layout window. That way the chosen number of panes will automatically be added to the document. At this point you can drag and drop series into the correct pane.

How to change pane layout?

Once you have your panes in place, this feature can also be used to quickly adjust the proportional size of the panes by selecting a different layout option. Of course, you can always adjust the size of the panes by manually dragging the border.