Area & Stacked area chart

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This type of graph is based on the line chart, with the area below the line filled in with a certain color. As its names states it creates area which range is defined by each point of time series starting from 0.

Stacked area

Similarly to Area graph type, it shows whole range of series. However it displays all series stacked on top of each other.

What this type of chart needs?

This graph type works the same as Line chart, it needs at least one series added to Series list. On the other hand Stacked area chart needs more than one series, as with one series it will be presented as normal Area chart.

How Graph layout works?

Graph layout window allows to choose one of graph styles which differs depending on chart type. There are three ways to access Graph layout settings:

  • clicking on Graph layout icon

  • right clicking on the chart and selecting Graph layout option

  • using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + L

Here, you can define how the graph should be displayed as well as which series corresponds to which axis.  On the right side of the window, the graphed pairs of series are displayed under a graph type. The first series of each pair is placed on the x-axis and the second one on the y-axis. Click and drag to move them if you want to switch the axes.


Graph samples

In this example we presented available types of charts.