Databases in Macrobond

The Data you access via Macrobond is either part of the core package, or from our commercial add-on databases. The former is a comprehensive foundation of data that comes with the application, the latter is a selection of commercial databases that are licensed separately and integrated with application. The core data package contains two types of database: Macrobond’s proprietary databases, and national and international databases.

Macrobond Proprietary Databases

These databases cover macroeconomic, financial, and equity indicators that have been grouped and organized into a tree-structure by Macrobond. They feature thousands of primary sources from around the world. The proprietary databases have the following titles:

  • Country & Region
  • Source & Release
  • Concept & Category
  • Equity – fundamentals
  • Equity – prices
  • Futures

National & International Databases

For these databases, we have reproduced the original source structure and classification in the application. For the most part, these databases are from international sources that provide harmonized data across countries. However, we have chosen to reproduce the structure of certain primary sources, as well. You’ll find the data sets typically cover most, if not all, the data available from the source.

Add-on Databases

Although we try and include as much data as we can in our core package, certain commercial data providers require that individual licenses be purchased by the client. To make this as convenient as possible, these databases are integrated into your application account, and maintained and updated by Macrobond so that you still have the ease of accessing all your data in the same place.

On Start tab you can see current full list of available data packages and see to which ones you currently have access. (This feature is available in Macrobond 1.28 and later.)

Vintage data

This feature requires Macrobond Data+ license. 

You can download vintage versions (revision history) of time series through Macrobond. Note that not all time series may have vintage data or they do not have data from the period you want. For more information see Vintage data.