Fan chart


Using Forecast analysis on multiple same series you can create a Fan chart from Time chart and show uncertainty associated with forecasts.

How to create a Fan chart?

  1. Add same series on Series list - as many times as you have predicted variants - plus one which will be the 'core' series.
  2. Change descriptions on Series list if needed.
  3. Add Forecast analysis, use 'Edit' to add forecast to each variant-series.
  4. If this is an Index (like in below example) you can add Rate of change analysis and create percentage series.
  5. Add Time chart, change colors or apply Style sheet.


Euro Area CPI

Different scenarios for future inflation added in Forecast analysis.

EUR per USD percentile distribution

We calculate the distribution with user-defined formula .prob() and present it with Fan chart. For more information see How formula with dot works? and User defined formulas.