This analysis changes position of data - data from x-axis will be shown on y-axis and vice versa. You do not need to re-arrange series or change analysis' settings.

Transpose can be used with Category chartCategory scatter chart and Category table.

After which analyses I can use Transpose?

You can add it only after those analyses which outcome is presented as category data:

  • Cross sampling
  • Scalar
  • Slice
  • Seasonal adjustment MA
  • Yield Curve
  • Correlation
  • PCA
  • Regression

How to use it?

Add Transpose analysis and check the box in the 'Include' column. The Output labels can be automatically generated with Title generation tool. Below in Analysis tree add the chart/table.


Cross sampling with Transpose

In this example we performed Cross sampling analysis. With Transpose instead of having each country separately we can have them grouped by region.

Slice with Transpose

Here we sliced 2020 year from unemployment rate series. Then with Transpose we changed place of data - country is on x-axis and color is for each month.

Distribution stack chart - New houses

See Transpose used to show distribution of years (with date) by number of starts of new house construction.