Web API Series Provider demo Virtual Machine


You can test our Web API Series Provider functionality with a view of test database.


You will need xml path file which you will receive from your Account Manager.

How to connect?

  1. Download xml file(s) you have received.
  2. Go to Configuration > Settings > My series (for MB pre-1.28: Edit > Settings > My series), new window will appear
    1. select 'Add' > 'Web API Series Provider'
    2. enter information as in the screenshot:
      Name: seriesprovider
      Prefix: sp
      Configuration file path: navigate to xml files you have received 
    3. Press 'OK'

Accessing data

You can access this data through Browse or Analytics. Please go to drop-down menu and select newly added database.

For more information see The Macrobond client Web API Series Provider.