Data protection

Personal data

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Information sent from Macrobond users to our backend and from the backend to the users is encrypted. When using an HTTPS-connection, clients can configure the application to verify the integrity of the end-to-end encryption and be alerted about potential HTTPS interception with a rogue CA installed on a local computer.

Data is encrypted in transit - the client application uses HTTPS-protocol to communicate with our servers. All the communication between Macrobond data centers is also encrypted.


Users decide where their Macrobond Documents are stored. When saved on the Library/Personal/Department/Company account documents are stored on Macrobond servers. Alternatively the same documents can be saved locally on the user’s computer or a locally reachable network location.

Similarly, a user’s in-house time series can be saved under the Company account or kept in local Excel files, when the Excel in-house feature is used.

If needed Macrobond can centrally disable the possibility of storing any in-house series or Macrobond Documents on Macrobond servers. Then users need to use their own file servers for storing Macrobond documents and Excel in-house, as an alternative to Account in-house.

We do our utmost to keep the data secure from unauthorized access. Our servers are updated with the latest security patches, we have automated security audits of the internet-facing servers (to detect a potential security breach as early as possible). We also have automated integrity/abnormal activity tests. Macrobond does not use shared cloud services to provide its functionality to clients.

We have our client-facing servers located in three sites located in Europe, Asia and North America. A failover mechanism is built into our client application (Main application, Excel Add-in) and is seamless for the user. In the worst-case scenario – an external attack wiping our servers out – we keep offline backups.

We continuously monitor the performance and availability of our servers; a dedicated team works on-call to resolve potential technical problems as they arise. We gather plenty of backend load statistics to plan and increase capacity as our user-base grows.

We let users store their own data on Macrobond servers. This includes:

  • Charts
  • Chart view sizes
  • Fill ranges
  • In-house series
  • Style sheets
  • Presentations
  • User defined formulas
  • Bookmarks, favorite series & data-tree branches
  • Application configurations


Data protection is a priority at Macrobond, we continuously make an effort to increase your data safety and keep it secure. If you have any further questions regarding this issue, please contact our support team here.