How Macrobond backups clients’ data

What’s covered by our backups?

The backups described below cover:

  • All information that clients store on Macrobond servers
  • All business-critical information needed to provide service to Macrobond clients including:
    • server configuration
    • database dumps
    • internal documentation
    • source code

What’s the backups frequency and backups lifecycle?

Automated backups are repeated every 24 hours:

  1. Backups jobs are executed once a day or more frequently. This action takes place within Macrobond production datacenters.
  2. Backed-up data is replicated to a single location that is 500km away from the nearest Macrobond production datacenter.
  3. The consistency of the backups data is verified, information is replicated to external drives and verified again for completeness and consistency.

Every 7 days, disks containing 10 past daily backups are rotated offline. Those drives are kept disconnected for 30 weeks and then re-used. Backup servers located in Macrobond datacenters also store 10 past daily backups online.

Near-real-time protection covering information stored by Macrobond clients on the Macrobond servers:

  • Information is replicated asynchronously between client-facing datacenters in Canada, Hong Kong and Sweden. In addition, it’s replicated to a disaster recovery site located in Poland.
  • Snapshots of the critical databases are taken every 15min, 1h and 12h and are kept for 2h, 24h and 8 days respectively; access to those snapshots is possible for the Macrobond IT team without affecting production-related operations.

Are backups monitored?

Backup processes and their outcomes are monitored.

  • Failure of any backup task results in an alert that’s escalated to the responsible team
  • Failure of backup transfers, verifications and presence of incomplete backups trigger similar alert
  • Replication lag and consistency between source and destination servers are monitored as well

Is the data clients store on Macrobond servers encrypted?

All backups are stored on fully encrypted drives. All data that clients store on Macrobond servers is stored on fully encrypted drives. Backup data is always transmitted via encrypted channels.

Are backups recovery procedures tested?

The consistency and completeness of backups is tested automatically every 24h. in addition, there’s manual spot check of backups completeness and recovery at least twice a year.