The Macrobond FactSet Data Provider


With the Macrobond FactSet Data Provider you can retrieve time series from FactSet if you have an account there.


You need to have a FactSet account.

Enabling the FactSet Data Provider

To be able to use the FactSet Data Provider go to Edit (in upper menu) > Settings > tab 'My series'. Select Add > FactSet > Request/renew access.

New window from FactSet will open in browser, type in your login and password:

After that you will be asked to allow Macrobond Application access your FactSet account, press 'Allow':

Note there's a time limit for this operation. You will be notified with this message when time runs up :

Just press 'OK' and start again.

After allowing access you will see our 'FactSet authorization successful' page and confirmation in Macrobond Application:

Working with FactSet Data Provider

Series names

In application's Series and Expressions you can use form:


where id and formula are FactSet's ID and formula. For example:


FactSet Data Provider Enhancement

To help you create the series expressions, you can paste a FactSet "=FDS" expression from Excel or a URL from the Formula API Request Builder in the Macrobond application data browser.

For example, you can use:


Revoking access

You can revoke access for the Macrobond application on the FactSet granted open-id services page.

Or you can do it from Macrobond Application. Go to Edit (in upper menu) > Settings > tab 'My series'. Select FactSet > Revoke access.