Exporting charts as images


Exporting Macrobond charts as graphics is useful when you need to publish your charts in a universal file format like PNG or SVG, or when you want a chart that isn’t refreshable.

Since version 1.28 we also added for Time charts' SVG files 'Show data points values on hover' and animation option.

Copy and paste the chart as an image


Right-click on a chart and select Copy. Go to another document (i.e.; Word) and paste it with Ctrl+v.

Copy special

  1. Right click anywhere on the chart.
  2. Select Copy special. New window will open.
  3. Select size (if you have any specified)
  4. Choose Bitmap or SVG (this one has also other options, but 'Show data points values on hover' is only for Time charts).
  5. click OK.

The chart is copied and ready to be pasted anywhere.

Save the chart as an image file

  1. Go to the File > Export image.
  2. Specify directory, File name, Size (you can use Current) and image format. Since version 1.28 SVG for Time charts comes with additional options: 'Show data points values on hover' and 'Animate chart'. For more information see Animated charts. See here pre-1.28 version view
  3. Click Export.

The file is saved to the specified directory.