Contribution to growth


Some sources provide separate series for contribution to inflation or GDP. But what happens when they don't, or there are no weights? Or when you simply want to calculate some series as part of another one? See examples below.

Watchlist Charts

Under Files\Macrobond chart library\Examples\Watchlist Charts you'll find folders for selected countries where we have added ready-made Contribution to GDP or/and CPI (inflation) files.


Contributions to GDP (from series) - Euro Area

Example with contribution series provided by the source.

Contribution to growth - subcomponents with Total and weights

Manual calculation for when source provides separate series for subcomponents and their weight-series.

Contribution to growth - series with Total but without weights

Manual calculation for when you have a Total series but not weight-series - you can calculate them based on the Total.

Contribution to growth - series without Total and weights

Manual calculation for  when there is no Total series and no weight-series. You decide which series would be Total (or calculate it) and which ones use as subcomponents.