Macrobond key series names

In order to make it easier to identify certain key series in Macrobond, they have been given structured aliases that you can use when entering series names in the Series List or when searching.


Names of some economic key series are constructed by combining the ISO country code with a suffix from the table below. Please note that all key series do not exist for all countries.

Variable Series suffix
Bank Prime Rate prime
Business Confidence busconf
Building Permits bpermits
Business Cycle Reference Dates recession
Capacity Utilization caputil
Capital Account capaccount
Central Government Budget cgbal
Consumer Confidence cci
CPI cpi
Core CPI corecpi
Current Account Net Balance account
Exports export
Export Prices epi
Earnings earn
Employment employment
Final Consumption Expenditure consexp
Financial Account finaccount
Foreign Debt debt
GDP (Constant Prices) gdp
GDP (Current Prices) gdpcp
GDP per capita gdppc
General Government Budget ggbal
Government Benchmarks 3mgov,6mgov, 2ygov, 5ygov,10ygov etc
Gross Capital Formation gcf
Gross Fixed Capital Formation gfcf
HCPI hcpi
Household Consumption Expenditure houseexp
Housing Starts hstarts
IIP iip
Imports import
Import Prices ipi
Industrial Confidence Indicator indconf
Industrial Production indprod
Interbank Rates 1wibr, 2wibr, 1mibr, 3mibr, 6mibr etc
LIBOR rates 1mlibor,3mlibor etc
Money Supply m0,m1,m2,m3,m4 etc
Mortgage Rate 2ymort, 5ymort etc
New Passenger Car Registrations cars
New Heavy Truck Registrations trucks
PMI pmi
Policy Rate keyrate
PPI ppi
Real Estate Prices hpi
Retail Trade retailtrade
Trade Balance tradebalance
Unemployment unemployment
Wages wages

Some examples: sebusconf, usprime, sepmi, gbcpi


Variable Series name
Equity Indices Some index names supported like spx, omx, obx

Exchange Rates & Swaps

Names of some exchange rate and swaps can be constructed by combining the ISO currency code with a suffix or prefix.

Variable Series name
Exchange Rate vs SDR Currency + sdr. Ex. usdsdr, seksdr
Exchange Rate vs the USD Just currency. Ex. sek, eur
Exhange Rate vs USD (WM/R) wmr + currency. Ex. wmreur, wmrsek
Swap Rates Currency+years+yswap. Ex. sek1yswap, gbp2yswap


Variable Series name
Aluminium aluminium
Broilers broilers
Cattle cattle
Copper copper
Crude Oil crude
Dram dram
Feeder feeder
Gold gold
Hides hides
Iridium iridium
Lead lead
Leanhogs leanhogs
Livehogs livehogs
Lumber lumber
Nickel nickel
Oilstocks oilstocks
Palladium palladium
Platinum platinum
Plywood plywood
Frozen Pork Bellies pork
Pulp pulp
Rhenium rhenium
Rhodium rhodium
Ruthenium ruthenium
Shipping (Baltic Dry) balticdry or bdi
Shipping (Harpex) harpex
Silver silver
Sorghum sorghum
Tin tin
Zinc zinc