Observations setting

What is it for?

The Observations setting allows you to adjust how inconsistencies between different calendars of observations should be treated. This is useful when time series have missing observations for certain calendar dates like weekdays or months, while other time series don’t. This harmonizing tool can be accessed via the Series list.


Generally, you can choose between one of three options:

Any series

This is the default setting. Using this setting will display points in time (i.e., dates) as long as one of the series in the document has values

All series

This setting will only display common points in time (i.e., dates) where all series have values

All points

This setting will display all points in time (i.e., dates) according to the frequency chosen.

Settings for Daily series

When Frequency is set to Daily you will see more options with different days of week combinations (i.e., Mon-Fri, Sat-Wed). Note that it's not the same as 'Highest  (Daily)' - this one has only general options.

Setting the missing value method

Depending on the observations setting you choose, a series might include points in time that do not contain values. In this case you should select a conversion method to define how missing values are treated. The options for conversion can be found under the drop-down list circled in the image.