Change Region


The Change region feature is used to replace a series in your document by an equivalent series for another country. Applying this change in the series list is a way to instantly change the country of your analyses and charts without having to open new documents.  This can make some tasks much faster, such as creating a report with the same analyses for many countries.


There are two options that involve changing region in the Series list: Change region, and Change region and duplicate.

1.      Change region

The Change region option will replace the time series you selected with a similar one for another country. This means the original series is no longer in your document.

2.      Change region & duplicate

With this option you can keep the original series in your document and add the same indicator for another country.

Access points

You can apply a change of region in two different tabs in the Series list: the Series and expressions tab and the Series information tab. The two access points serve different purposes.

1.      Series & expressions tab

Changing region and duplicating is the fastest way to add the same calculation for several countries. For example, say you have an expression that contains a formula, such as US current account as a percentage of its GDP. You can use change region and duplicate here to add the same calculation for Canada, without having to find the data for Canada or rewrite the formula.

2.      Series information tab

In this tab, each of the series in your document is listed once, even if it’s used more than once in the series and expressions tab. Applying Change region to a series here means that it will be replaced every time it appears in your list of series and expressions. For instance, if one series is used multiple times across several expressions, you can replace it in all expressions at once by applying change region in this tab.