Flexi Tab – overview

Choose from secondary activities to define the last tab

The activity for the last tab can be changed by clicking on the arrow below it and toggling between four secondary activities.

My lists

You can create List of series or List of regions and use them in analyses or to search for indicators. You can store your lists just like your in-house series - on Personal, Department or Company account. List can then be used in other documents and be shared with your colleagues.

For more information see: My lists tab.

My series

You can store your own time series in the in-house database associated with your Macrobond account. Series can be accessed on any computer running Macrobond, and can be stored in different folders.

There s also a possibility of storing data linked to Excel files stored internally, on your own servers or computers. The values are not stored by the Macrobond application; only the reference to the Excel sheet where the data is found.

For more information see: Integrating and using external data.

Style sheet

Style sheets are used to save time and produce uniform charts and tables. You can define one or a number of style sheets based on specific presentation preferences, as well as set a default for your account. Applying a different style sheet will automatically update the appearance of charts or tables in Macrobond documents or presentation documents.

For more information see: Style sheet.

Web publish

Easily publish static or dynamic charts online; on a blog, website, intranet or on social media accounts.

Using a URL or HTML code generated in the application charts, saved to Macrobond servers, can be added to online publications. Dynamic charts are automatically updated to reflect the latest data.

For more information see: Web publish.