Worksheet – Case 5 – Calculating a 12-month rolling sum

Finding Data

To find the German Current Account Balance, you can use the Country & Region database. Navigate to Country & Region > Germany > Balance of Payments > Current Account > Total

Add the headline series for Balance - marked with an exclamation mark – to the document.



To calculate a rolling sum, you can use the Aggregate analysis. Insert the analysis from the time chart.

Since you have to calculate a 12-month rolling sum, you should first set the period to annual, and then tick the box for “Rolling”.


Graph Layout

By default, the series is displayed as a line. To change it to an area, go to Graph Layout and change the graph style from “Line” to “Area”.

Title & Subtitle

To edit the title, the easiest option is to double click on it.

For subtitles, click within the chart area, and look up at the Presentation Properties tab in order to find the “Subtitle: Edit” setting. Click on “Edit” and write your subtitle in the new window.

Removing the legend

To remove the legend, you should select it first and then press delete on your keyboard.