Browse – overview

Quickly and easily find, compare, and visualize time series from the database

As the name suggests, this activity is optimal for browsing the database. Use it to obtain a cursory view of the data by quickly selecting data to visualize as a simple line chart, table, or report.

Find Key Indicators

The Overview tab is your fast track to finding key indicators. The data displayed here are drawn from a number of different databases in the application. You can browse by country, or by company to access the data in the most relevant groupings.

View specific time series

The Time series tab allows you to go through the full list of databases available in Macrobond and browse the time series as they are organized there.

Shortcuts to data

Favorites tab and Bookmarks tab allows you to quickly see previously marked data or to quickly navigate to relevant node in data-tree.

For more information see: Finding data – overview.