CreateUnifiedTimeSeriesRequest {MacrobondAPI}R Documentation

Create a unified series request


Create a request of one or more series where the resulting time series will be converted to a common length and calendar. You can specify frequency, currency, date range, missing value and frequency conversion methods. You add series to this object by calling addSeries and you then pass this object to FetchTimeSeries in order to download the series.




An object of type SeriesRequest.

See Also

addSeries setFrequency setWeekdays setCurrency setCalendarMergeMode setStartDate setStartDateMode setEndDate setEndDateMode FetchTimeSeries


seriesRequest <- CreateUnifiedTimeSeriesRequest()
setFrequency(seriesRequest, TimeSeriesFrequency[["Monthly"]])
addSeries(seriesRequest, "usgdp")
seriesExpressionCpi <- addSeries(seriesRequest, "uscpi")
setMissingValueMethod(seriesExpressionCpi, TimeSeriesMissingValueMethod[["None"]])
twoSeries <- FetchTimeSeries(seriesRequest)

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