Interface to the Macrobond API for Windows

Documentation for package ‘MacrobondAPI’ version 1.1-5

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MacrobondAPI-package Interface to the Macrobond API for Windows

-- A --

addAttributeFilter SearchQuery class
addAttributeValueFilter SearchQuery class
addMetadataValue Metadata object
addMetadataValue-method Metadata object
addSeries SeriesRequest class
addSeries-method SeriesRequest class
arrangeValues MetadataInformation class
arrangeValues-method MetadataInformation class
as.xts Create an 'xts' object from a Macrobond timeseries
as.xts.TimeSeries Create an 'xts' object from a Macrobond timeseries

-- C --

CalendarDateMode Calendar date mode enum values
CalendarDateModeClass Constant for specifying the calendar date mode
CalendarDateModeClass-class Constant for specifying the calendar date mode
CalendarMergeMode Calendar merge mode enum values
CalendarMergeModeClass Enum value for the calendar merged mode
CalendarMergeModeClass-class Enum value for the calendar merged mode
CreateDerivedMetadata Create a new derived metadata object
CreateEmptyMetadata Create an empty set of metadata
CreateSearchQuery Create a search query
CreateTimeSeriesObject Create a timeseries object
CreateTimeSeriesObjectWithForecastFlags Create a timeseries object, with forecast flags
CreateUnifiedTimeSeriesRequest Create a unified series request

-- D --

DeleteOneOrMoreTimeSeries Delete one or more timeseries

-- E --

Entity Entity class
Entity-class Entity class

-- F --

FetchEntities Fetch entities
FetchOneEntity Download an entity
FetchOneTimeSeries Download a time series
FetchOneTimeSeriesWithRevisions Download a time series with revisions
FetchTimeSeries Download one or more series from the database
FetchTimeSeries-method Download one or more series from the database
FetchTimeSeries-method SeriesRequest class
FetchTimeSeries-methods Download one or more series from the database
FetchTimeSeriesWithRevisions Download one or more series with revisions from the database
FetchUnifiedTimeSeriesDefault Download a set of series and convert them all to a shared calendar using the default settings

-- G --

getAddedSeries SeriesRequest class
getAddedSeries-method SeriesRequest class
getCalendarMergeMode SeriesRequest class
getCalendarMergeMode-method SeriesRequest class
getCanHaveMultipleValues MetadataInformation class
getCanHaveMultipleValues-method MetadataInformation class
getCanListValues MetadataInformation class
getCanListValues-method MetadataInformation class
getComment MetadataInformation class
getComment-method MetadataInformation class
getCompleteHistory TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getCompleteHistory-method TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
GetConceptDescription Get the description of one or more "concepts"
getConcepts TimeSeries class
getConcepts-method TimeSeries class
getCurrency SeriesRequest class
getCurrency-method SeriesRequest class
getDatesAtEndOfPeriod TimeSeries class
getDatesAtEndOfPeriod-method TimeSeries class
getDatesAtStartOfPeriod TimeSeries class
getDatesAtStartOfPeriod-method TimeSeries class
getDescription MetadataInformation class
getDescription-method MetadataInformation class
getEndDate TimeSeries class
getEndDate-method SeriesRequest class
getEndDate-method TimeSeries class
getEndDateMode SeriesRequest class
getEndDateMode-method SeriesRequest class
getErrorMessage Entity class
getErrorMessage TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getErrorMessage-method Entity class
getErrorMessage-method TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getFirstMetadataValue Metadata object
getFirstMetadataValue-method Metadata object
getForecastFlags TimeSeries class
getForecastFlags-method TimeSeries class
getFrequency TimeSeries class
getFrequency-method SeriesRequest class
getFrequency-method TimeSeries class
getHasRevisions TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getHasRevisions-method TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getHead TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getHead-method TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getIncludeDiscontinued SearchQuery class
getIndexAtDate TimeSeries class
getIndexAtDate-method TimeSeries class
getIsDatabaseEntity MetadataInformation class
getIsDatabaseEntity-method MetadataInformation class
getIsError Entity class
getIsError TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getIsError-method Entity class
getIsError-method TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getIsReadonly Metadata object
getIsReadonly-method Metadata object
GetMacrobondVersion Get the version of the Macrobond API
getMetadata Entity class
getMetadata-method Entity class
GetMetadataInformation Get metadata information
getMetadataNames Metadata object
getMetadataNames-method Metadata object
getMetadataValues Metadata object
getMetadataValues-method Metadata object
getMissingValueMethod SeriesExpression class
getMissingValueMethod-method SeriesExpression class
getName Entity class
getName-method Entity class
getName-method MetadataInformation class
getName-method SeriesExpression class
getNthRelease TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getNthRelease-method TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getObservationHistory TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getObservationHistory-method TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getPartialPeriodsMethod SeriesExpression class
getPartialPeriodsMethod-method SeriesExpression class
getPrimaryName Entity class
getPrimaryName-method Entity class
getRevisionTimesFromNthRelease TimeSeries class
getRevisionTimesFromNthRelease-method TimeSeries class
getSearchText SearchQuery class
getStartDate TimeSeries class
getStartDate-method SeriesRequest class
getStartDate-method TimeSeries class
getStartDateMode SeriesRequest class
getStartDateMode-method SeriesRequest class
getStoresRevisions TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getStoresRevisions-method TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getTitle Entity class
getTitle-method Entity class
getToHigherFrequencyMethod SeriesExpression class
getToHigherFrequencyMethod-method SeriesExpression class
getToLowerFrequencyMethod SeriesExpression class
getToLowerFrequencyMethod-method SeriesExpression class
getTypicalObservationCountPerYear TimeSeries class
getTypicalObservationCountPerYear-method TimeSeries class
getUsesValueList MetadataInformation class
getUsesValueList-method MetadataInformation class
getValueAtDate TimeSeries class
getValueAtDate-method TimeSeries class
getValueInformation MetadataInformation class
getValueInformation-method MetadataInformation class
getValuePresentationText MetadataInformation class
getValuePresentationText-method MetadataInformation class
getValues TimeSeries class
getValues-method TimeSeries class
getValueType MetadataInformation class
getValueType-method MetadataInformation class
getVintage TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getVintage-method TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getVintageTimes TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getVintageTimes-method TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
getWeekdays TimeSeries class
getWeekdays-method SeriesRequest class
getWeekdays-method TimeSeries class

-- H --

hideMetadataValue Metadata object
hideMetadataValue-method Metadata object

-- L --

listAllValues MetadataInformation class
listAllValues-method MetadataInformation class

-- M --

MacrobondAPI Interface to the Macrobond API for Windows
MakeXtsFromUnifiedResponse Create an 'xts' object from a set of Macrobond time series
Metadata Metadata object
Metadata-class Metadata object
MetadataInformation MetadataInformation class
MetadataInformation-class MetadataInformation class

-- P --

plot.TimeSeries TimeSeries class
plot.TimeSeries-method TimeSeries class

-- S --

Search Perform a search for entities
SearchByConcept Search for series using a "concept"
SearchQuery SearchQuery class
SearchQuery-class SearchQuery class
SearchResult SearchResult class
SearchResult-class SearchResult class
SeriesExpression SeriesExpression class
SeriesExpression-class SeriesExpression class
SeriesRequest SeriesRequest class
SeriesRequest-class SeriesRequest class
setCalendarMergeMode SeriesRequest class
setCalendarMergeMode-method SeriesRequest class
setCurrency SeriesRequest class
setCurrency-method SeriesRequest class
setEndDate SeriesRequest class
setEndDate-method SeriesRequest class
setEndDateMode SeriesRequest class
setEndDateMode-method SeriesRequest class
setEntityTypeFilter SearchQuery class
setFrequency SeriesRequest class
setFrequency-method SeriesRequest class
setIncludeDiscontinued SearchQuery class
setMissingValueMethod SeriesExpression class
setMissingValueMethod-method SeriesExpression class
setName SeriesExpression class
setName-method SeriesExpression class
setPartialPeriodsMethod SeriesExpression class
setPartialPeriodsMethod-method SeriesExpression class
setSearchText SearchQuery class
setStartDate SeriesRequest class
setStartDate-method SeriesRequest class
setStartDateMode SeriesRequest class
setStartDateMode-method SeriesRequest class
setToHigherFrequencyMethod SeriesExpression class
setToHigherFrequencyMethod-method SeriesExpression class
setToLowerFrequencyMethod SeriesExpression class
setToLowerFrequencyMethod-method SeriesExpression class
setWeekdays SeriesRequest class
setWeekdays-method SeriesRequest class
show-method Entity class
show-method Metadata object
show-method MetadataInformation class
show-method SeriesExpression class
show-method SeriesRequest class
show-method TimeSeries class

-- T --

TimeSeries TimeSeries class
TimeSeries-class TimeSeries class
TimeSeriesFrequency Time series frequency enum values
TimeSeriesFrequencyClass Enum value for the time series frequency
TimeSeriesFrequencyClass-class Enum value for the time series frequency
TimeSeriesMissingValueMethod Missing value methods
TimeSeriesMissingValueMethodClass Enum value for the missing value method
TimeSeriesMissingValueMethodClass-class Enum value for the missing value method
TimeSeriesPartialPeriodsMethod Partial periods to lower frequency methods
TimeSeriesPartialPeriodsMethodClass Enum value for partial periods frequency method
TimeSeriesPartialPeriodsMethodClass-class Enum value for partial periods frequency method
TimeSeriesToHigherFrequencyMethod To higher frequency methods
TimeSeriesToHigherFrequencyMethodClass Enum value for to higher frequency method
TimeSeriesToHigherFrequencyMethodClass-class Enum value for to higher frequency method
TimeSeriesToLowerFrequencyMethod To lower frequency methods
TimeSeriesToLowerFrequencyMethodClass Enum value for to lower frequency method
TimeSeriesToLowerFrequencyMethodClass-class Enum value for to lower frequency method
TimeSeriesWeekdays Time series weekday patterns
TimeSeriesWeekdaysClass Enum value for the weekday pattern
TimeSeriesWeekdaysClass-class Enum value for the weekday pattern
TimeSeriesWithRevisions TimeSeriesWithRevisions class
TimeSeriesWithRevisions-class TimeSeriesWithRevisions class

-- U --

UploadOneOrMoreTimeSeries Upload one or more series to the in-house database
UploadOneOrMoreTimeSeries-method Upload one or more series to the in-house database
UploadOneOrMoreTimeSeries-methods Upload one or more series to the in-house database