The Macrobond Excel formula functions

Macrobond formula functions give you flexibility and enhance your work in Excel. There are three main use cases:

1. Importing values or metadata from a particular series to Excel. Values should be pout between quotation marks. For example, the following expression will retrieve the last value of the "uscpi" series:


2. Parameters can be set to reference other cells, meaning that you can generate dynamic queries. Reference cells should be input without quotation marks.

3. These formulas can be integrated into Excel formulas

To update your calculations with the latest values from the database:

  • Use the Refresh button on the Macrobond tab
  • Do a deep refresh of the workbook by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F9.

List of formula functions


Returns the last value of a series.

MbndGet(series, date)

Returns the value of the ‘series’ at the specified date or, if the date is not associated with a value, a ‘#N/A’ symbol.

MbndGet(series, startDate, endDate, includeDateColumn)

Returns an Excel array of the observations in the specified date range. If includeDateColumn is TRUE, there will be two columns, with the first column containing the observation dates.

Specific notes:

To create an array, you need to have highlighted the cells first. If you consider including the date column, remember to highlight cells for two columns, one for the dates, the other for the values.

Remember to press Ctrl+Shift+Enter when you have entered the formula.

For more information regarding the use of Array functions, refer to Array functions in the documentation provided by Microsoft, within Excel.


Returns the observation date associated with the last observation. "Observation date" is the date representing the period which is the first date in the period.

MbndDate(series, date)

Returns the observation date of the most recent observation prior to a certain point in time specified by the second parameter.

MbndDate(series, startDate, endDate)

Returns an Excel array of observation dates attributed to the series in the time interval.

MbndMeta(series, name)

Returns the metadata specified by the parameter “name”. For more information on how to find the metadata of a series and how to reference it, click here.