Adding more series to a document, but not to a chart

By default, when you add a series to a document, the series is automatically visualized in your chart(s). So, what do you do if you want to continue adding series to a document without having them appear in your completed chart? Simply switch off the default setting for the chart in question, and continue adding series.

How to stop series from being added to a chart

  1. Click on the background of the chart
  2. Select the Presentation properties tab

  3. Click on the More button in the Chart elements group
  4. Click on Include new series automatically to deselect the setting

Using it in practice

As you can see, this setting is chart specific. That way you can continue to create new charts without having to manually add the series to them. Just make sure to switch off the settings every time you finish a chart if you want to keep adding series to your document.