What is the analysis tree?

The analysis tree is made up of three different elements

  • The series list, which includes all the data you add to a document
  • The calculations you have applied to the data
  • The presentation styles you have selected to visualize the data


You use the analysis tree to apply, organize and access these elements in developing your document. By adding or inserting different nodes in the tree, you can apply a variety of analyses and presentations to a dataset, collected in a single document.

How to structure the analysis tree

As you can see in the picture above, you start with the series list, which is always the root node. You then apply one or more parent nodes containing calculations, or presentation styles. The output of each node is dependent on the preceding nodes it is grouped with.

The structure defines the output

The way you structure the analysis tree affects the output of the document.
We can look at the difference between using add and insert to illustrate how the order of the nodes affect the final output of each node grouping.

Using the Add button

The output of the node you add will act as a function of the node you highlight.

Define which node should be added to by selecting it in the tree.

The new node, Regression, is placed at the end of the tree, as a new branch of Rate of change, the node that was selected.

Using the Insert button

The output of the node you highlight, will act as a function of the node you insert.

Define which node should be acted on by selecting it in the tree.

The new node, Lag, is inserted above Time chart, the note that was selected. Consequently, Time chart becomes a branch of Lag, the node that was inserted.


Any new nodes will be acted on by all of the nodes above, within the same grouping. When deciding where to add or insert a node, you should keep in mind that the order of your calculations is important.

Moving analyses within a branch

You can move analyses that are on the same level / branch up or down in the tree. This does not affect calculations but can help you to organize your document.

In the video that follows we’ll demonstrate the topics covered here in more detail.