Importance of data (red exclamation mark)

In the application, we use red exclamation marks to indicate when a time series is a key series for that category.

These series can be one of two types:

  • The headline series of a given publication
  • The key series of a given country, which we’ve defined to facilitate cross country comparison.

Enabling the exclamation marks column 

To enable this column, please make sure that the "Notes" column is selected to be displayed.

To do so, right-click on any of the columns’ titles, and click on the ‘Select columns’ option. The editor window then will pop up with list of available columns. Then check ‘Notes’ and click on OK to confirm the change.  

The ‘Notes’ column will also display the following information: the series is used in a document (the blue square) or has been marked as favorite (the star).

Tip: To see which kind of series is being indicated, hover your cursor over the time series in question, as shown in the images below.