Filtering countries in the series browser

How it works

Tree filters allow you to customize your data tree to include only a limited number of countries. This can save you time finding data by eliminating having to scroll through a long list of countries to find those you’re interested in. You can create and apply filters so that the data tree only includes the countries you’re working with at a particular time.

This kind of filtering was previously only possible using the Bookmarks feature. You could bookmark your countries of interest and then use the bookmarks tab to look for data. However, you would have to do this individually for each database you use.

The advantage of using a country filter is that the filter is automatically applied across all databases. In the pictures above, for example, we’ve applied a Euro Area filter. You can see that both the Country & Region view of the economics database and the IMF database only include the filtered countries.

The filtering countries feature is available in Country & Region, Source & Releases views of economics database and for the international and national databases (e.g. IMF, BEA, ECB). It is not available in Concept & Category view since the data tree is not based on geographical attributes.

How to use tree filters

Tree filters are applied in the series browser under the search bar and above the data tree. Click on it to open the drop down menu.

Available options

  1. No tree filter. This option disables the filters and makes the entire data tree available.
  2. List of available filters. All the filters you’ve loaded are listed here so they can quickly be applied.
  3. Edit. This appears when a filter is set and allows you to edit the countries included in the selected filter.
  4. Load. Use this to load filters that are saved but not available in the quick list. You can load region filters that have been saved in your company or department accounts.
  5. New. You can create a new filter directly from the series browser with this option.

Creating a filter

There are two ways you can create a new region filter: using the “new” option in the filter list drop-down menu, or creating and saving a region filter in the search activity. All filters are saved together, so filters you create in the search activity are also available in the analytics activity and versa.

  1. Create a filter directly from the series browser in the analytics activity.
    1. Select “New” from the filter list drop-down menu
    2. Select an account to save the filter in
    3. Name the filter
    4. Search for and select countries to include in the filter
  2. Create and save a region filter in the search activity. Learn to do that here.

Setting the default filter

To set a default filter, use the star button next to it. This filter will be applied automatically in every new document.

Clear your filter

Remember that the last filter you applied will stay active for all documents in the current Macrobond window. You should select “no tree filter” again if you want to remove it.