Managing Excel in-house series

In the previous video, introducing you to the fundamentals of the Excel in-house solution, you learnt how to use Excel to access your in-house series in Macrobond. To get the most value out of this feature, you should also learn how to update and manage your in-house series. This article will go through how to do so.

Keep in mind

Because Excel in-house series are not stored in the application, managing them differs from the way you modify Account in-house series. In essence, the series you access via the Excel in-house solution are simply being mirrored from a particular file in a particular location.

  • Any changes to a series should be made in the Excel file, not in the application.
  • If you move or rename the Excel file containing your data the link with Macrobond will be broken. So, remember to update this information in the application.

How to edit Excel in-house series

Any changes you make to your dataset in the linked Excel file will automatically be reflected in the application.

  1. Click on the My series tab
  2. Select the relevant account and find the Excel in-house series you want to edit
  3. Go to the command bar and select the Go to in-house series action
  4. Select one of the two options that are presented

Open in Excel – this will open the Excel file directly from Macrobond. Use it when you want to edit data.
Edit link – allows you to access series settings:

    • Modify the reference information about a series, e.g. Description or category.
    • Update the location or name of the file under path.
    • Edit the data range by changing which cells are being referenced for data.

Click OK to complete the task

Deleting Excel in-house series

  1. Go to the My series tab
  2. Select the relevant account and series
  3. Go to the command bar and select the Delete in-house series action
  4. A warning will pop-up, confirm it to proceed.