Lifehack: How can I get all market caps for the S&P 500 constituents?

Follow these instructions to get the market caps for all components of S&P 500 index in one document.

  1.  Using the search tab, find the S&P 500 main series (sp500_500). Select the series and click By Index in the top right action group called Search. This will narrow your search results to include only components of this index.
  2. Select all the series under Security. You can select the top security, scroll down to the bottom, and then hold Shift key while you select the bottom one. Next, click the Actions ribbon > Price charts panel > Market cap (in this example).
  3. The market caps for all constituents of S&P 500 have now been moved to Analytics document. Please keep in mind that it may take a moment to load due to the number of series.