Transcript – Saving calculation as in-house series

[01 Introduction] 

In this video, we’ll go through saving calculated output as a new Macrobond series, how to access and use them in other documents. And how to edit the underlying calculations.

[02 What is a calculated series?] 

To start off, let’s define the terms calculated series and in-house series. In Macrobond, a calculated series is the output series resulting from various analyses. An in-house series is your own series that you decide to save and access via the application. Saving a calculation as an in-house series allows you to access and reuse the output of your calculations at a later date, without having to reproduce the calculations on the original data.

[03 Accessing Saving calculations as in-house series feature] 

Let’s say you’ve applied the necessary calculations to the data and are ready to save the calculated output as a series. The first thing to do is add a time table as a branch of the analysis you want to save. Then, click on a series to select it and then right-click to open the context menu.

[04 Creating in-house series from calculation] 

You have two options for saving. If you choose Save values as in-house series, the values will copied as a snapshot, meaning that the series will not be updated in the future. On the other hand, if you select Save calculation as in-house series the underlying calculation is saved, allowing it to be updated automatically when new values are available. We’ll choose this option.

[05 In-house series settings] 

The next step is to enter the settings. First, decide where you want the series to be saved. You can save it to your personal account, or to a shared account depending on how you want it used. Next enter a document name, at the top. This will be the name of the file in which the application stores the calculation. Now, add the Series name. Both the file and series names should be given in lowercase letters. Choose a description for the series and specify the rest of the settings to classify where the series will be located in the tree. To confirm click OK. A new document containing the calculations will appear. You can close it for now.

[06 Opening the in-house series] 

So, let’s try using this series in a new document. As with any other series you’ll find it by selecting the relevant database from the drop-down menu, in cases like this it’s Account in-house. As usual, double click to add the series to the document.

[07 Editing in-house series 1] 

To edit your in-house series or review the underlying calculations go to the My series tab. Since we’ve just opened the series in a document, the quickest way to call it up is to use the Actions group. In the My series box, here, you can click on in-house series to display the last series you selected from the in-house account. Click Edit to open the source document.

[08 Editing in-house series 2] 

To change the settings and information assigned to your series, select my calculated series in the tree, and click on the edit button.
Make changes to the calculations of your series, as you normally would, and remember to save the document when you close it. These changes will be reflected in any document containing that calculated series once you do so.